Why we manufacture our own edge trims and flashings.

We manufacture all our own edge trims and flashings in our factory in Boston and always have done. This is of absolute importance to our system as the industry standard ‘anyone can buy them’ edge trims do not live up to our standards or demands.

Over the years we’ve seen far too many Fibreglass Roofing companies roofs fail due to de-lamination of the Fibreglass decking laminate which covers the roof, from the Edge Trims. This causes the roof to crack at the join and then leak. Which is no better than an old felt roof as they fail in exactly the same way…

This means trouble for the home owner, and a nasty remedial job for the installer.

This is due to these types of edge trims manufacturing process. Firstly, they are not made of the same materials that are being used to cover the roof deck. Yes, they are technically Fibreglass, but they have been fabricated in a way that is most certainly not how you would laminate fibreglass on a roof deck.

The problem is they are too smooth, and manufactured using heat to bend them into shape. These edge trims do not have the same chemical makeup as the rest of the roofing system being fitted and therefore defeat the essence of what a Fibreglass Roof should be; a one piece system with all materials used of the same chemical make up and laminating technique. Consistency is key.

It’s a sad fact that 95% of the industry are using these substandard edge trims, and most if not all roofs fitted with this type of edge trim will be extremely lucky to make it through their respective guarantee periods.

Not all Fibreglass bonds as perfectly as people think. What we are doing is basic chemistry and what’s known as ‘cross polymerization’. This is a chemical bond between molecules that cannot be broken. If the molecules aren’t the same, they can’t bond.

This is why it is so important to our company that we manufacture our own edge trims and flashings, not only are they our own designs for practicality, they’re made from the exact same materials as we cover our roof deckings with, giving you a truly one piece roof system that will never delaminate, or deteriorate in the way that most others will.

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Sabri Buyukkaraca